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Check to see if a power outage at your property has been reported and learn what steps you can take to troubleshoot why power might be out.

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Why is your power out?

Wind, lightning, heat, ice and snow are the most common causes of power outages.

When trees and their limbs come into contact with power lines, it can cause power outages.

Transformers and other equipment can fail and need repaired.

Sometimes underground cables can be disturbed by nearby construction and digging.

During periods of high power demand like heat waves, or if a nearby building is pulling an unusual amount of power, overburdened electric cables and transformers can fail.

The host utility company provides electricity to the area, with equipment that usually stops at the main master meter of your property, usually near the road or entrance to the property. PEM then takes the electricity provided by the host utility company and connects it to your property buildings for you to use. Or, PEM might not have any equipment at the property, but we provide the service of reading the meters and working with tenants on electric and water bills.

What To Do

Power is out, but property isn’t listed above?

  • Does it look like your neighbors have power? If yes, the problem might be isolated to your unit.
  • Did a breaker in your unit trip? This could cause only your unit to be without power. Check your main electric panel for one or more switches flipped to “off.”
  • If your breaker has not tripped, and your neighbors have power, please call your property manager or their emergency maintenance service to have a maintenance technician come troubleshoot.
  • If your neighbors also don’t have power, check the host utility company website for your area, like AEP Ohio or South Central Power. Check to see if they have a widespread outage in the area.
    To report an outage in your neighborhood you can click here to fill out our power outage form. Or during business hours you can call or text PEM at 614.442.7100. Outside of business hours, you can call our After Hours Outage Hotline at 614.412.9655.

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