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Manage your property, not your electric and water bills

As your partner, Pioneer Energy Management not only takes electric and water management off your plate, but we also tailor solutions to your exact needs to help you get the best performance out of your property, including multifamily, condo and housing developments, commercial buildings and mobile home communities.

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Why Partner With PEM

At Pioneer Energy Management, we believe we’re an extension of your business, helping you manage the more cumbersome tasks required of your property, so that you can focus on your core responsibilities.

Without PEM
With PEM

Figure out the master bill rate, then what the best way is to allocate that total cost to your tenants for their usage.

Get an allocation solution that is designed specifically for your community, by people who are experts at figuring this out.

Without PEM
With PEM

Read meters for usage in your community, issue bills to tenants, and track down non-payments and late payments.

Report is sent to you when bills go out, notifications signify tenants who have not paid, and have access to Customer Support for your tenants to help them with usage and bill payment questions.

Without PEM
With PEM

Losses add up on your P&L due to undetected leaks, non-payment of bills, and discrepancies between the master meter and the sub-meters.

Automatically be alerted of leaks, get reports of usage data, and recover costs with a dedicated asset recovery team.

Without PEM
With PEM

Update tenant responsibility for electric and water with each move in and move out.

Send batch reports and know that services will be set up for you when each tenant moves in, and their responsibility removed when each tenant moves out.

Case Study

The Problem:

A Central Ohio Homeowners Association encountered a shortfall in the amount being collected from residents for water payment vs. what they were paying for the master bill. They asked PEM to investigate the potential cause of this.

What we found out:

PEM requested the most recent master meter bills from the City, to analyze them against the bills PEM sends to residents after reading water meters. Upon review, we discovered the Pioneer was not notified by the City of a significant ERU (equivalent residential unit) increase. The increase resulted in significantly higher costs for the Association from the Master Meter.

The solution:

In order to correct this, Pioneer designed a three-month temporary fee increase for resident bills. For three months, the fees were increased by $25.53, which helped the Homeowners Association recover more than $6,000 in lost water income, and ensured they had enough money in their budget to pay the master water bill without a deficit.




month period

minimize wasted resources & expenses

Insights into billing and usage

Whether you’re trying to detect leaks, decipher collection rates, or anything in between, we can provide not just reporting–but the analysis required to help you get the most out of your data.


Billing report:

Provides date of billing, account number, address, occupant, energy usage, energy charge, total billing per unit & totals


Accounts receivable aging balance report:

Provides outstanding tenant balances subtotaled by days old per unit and totaled


Modified billing report:

Same as billing report, but separated into 2 parts with subtotals- one part for tenants and one part for vacant units


Meter reading consumption report:

Provides beginning and ending meter reads for a service period and the total consumed per unit in that time

Our capabilities

We will support your responsibilities at the property you manage through reporting and analytics, and customer service for tenants. We service most housing types, like multifamily, condos and single-family developments, mobile home communities, as well as commercial and retail buildings.

Accurate and on-time meter reads and billing
Real-time move-ins and move-outs.
Real-time reporting with Smart Meters
Convenient ways for tenants to pay bills including an online portal
Payment collection and asset recovery for late and non-payment
Monthly reporting for property managers and owners
Personal analysis by experts, including Operations Manager with more than 10 years of experience
Excellent customer support for billing and usage question
Paper work

Hear From Our Customers

"I have been working with Sarah Davis at Pioneer Energy Management since June 2013. I find her very professional and responsive, which is so important to me as a Property Manager. Any time I have a question on a bill or need to change the billing to be more personalized for our properties she is so quick and easy to work with to resolve the issue on hand and keep things moving. When we ask for additional information, like copies of specific tenant billings she is always willing to help and she does it timely. I am glad we have Sarah and team PEM working with us on all our properties. We get our bills out promptly, we as owners get our money quicker and it makes my job so much easier."


Property Manager

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Whether you already know your exact electric and water management needs, or you don’t know where to start, contact us for a conversation and we can determine together the best solution for your property. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to set up a consultation.

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