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Lower The Cost Of Electric & Water Infrastructure With a Tailored Approach

We were founded on infrastructure design in 2003, so we’re confident we can lower your development costs by providing you a custom design for your project and reducing delays along the way.

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Streamlined Design, Installation, & Inspection

Instead of hiring an architect for your infrastructure design, a contractor for the installation, and an engineer for the inspection, partner with Pioneer Energy Management.

We are one of the few companies that can do all three facets of the process, which streamlines your development and keeps you on schedule.

Our capabilities:
  • Custom electric and water infrastructure design
  • Expert construction, scheduled around your project timeline
  • Thorough system inspection
  • Commitment to green energy purchasing for PEM-managed infrastructure
  • Properties we can service include most dense housing developments, like multifamily, condos, and mobile home communities, as well as commercial buildings

Who we do this type of work for

Contractors & Developers

Why we’re different

Only the services that you need, or all the services that you need.


Single point of contact

As the builder, you will have a dedicated PEM contact throughout the scope of the project.


Tailored services

You can partner with PEM for all 3 facets of your project, or just the piece that you need.


We give you a voice

We'll work side by side with you through each stage of the project to make sure you have a voice in the final design.

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Contact us via email or phone to speak to one of our professionals. We’ll start a conversation about your property and your needs, and determine the best solution that we can provide for you.

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