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We know you’re juggling so many moving parts with your development project. Partner with Pioneer Energy Management and we can help you get the right electric and water equipment at the right price, all within your schedule.

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We're confident, reliable electric and water equipment specialists that pride ourselves on services that provide peace of mind. We can help with most housing types, like multifamily, condos or single-family developments, mobile home communities, as well as commercial and retail buildings.

Cut down on vendors by partnering with one company that can do design, installation, inspection, and maintenance.
Custom infrastructure and meter system designs - no cookie-cutter approach.
Get a one-stop-shop experience by having PEM handle your construction and meter installation.
Meter sales without installation requirement
Thorough system inspection & 24/7 emergency maintenance
Potential to defer cost for developers

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Why Partner with PEM

At Pioneer Energy Management, we are an end-to-end solutions provider for the energy management business, but our philosophy is that our services should be tailored to your exact needs. See below the ways we can make a difference for your business.

Without PEM
With PEM

Vet, hire, and manage a variety of vendors for development projects.

Work with one team of experts who design, procure, build, test, and maintain the infrastructure.

Without PEM
With PEM

Spend weeks researching meter types, requesting bids, negotiating prices when choosing new metering equipment.

The best equipment options for your budget and goals are presented to you for approval, then purchased on your behalf.

Without PEM
With PEM

Potential for project delays due to vendor coordination.

Work completed within your schedule, keeping your project running smoothly.

Without PEM
With PEM

Research, vet and hire another solutions provider to allocate your electric and water costs once the project is complete.

Work with PEM who can also provide meter reading, billing, and collection services for a property they are already familiar with.

Case Study

The problem: A regional developer’s single family home project encountered an obstacle due to an area on the plot that was a protected area through the EPA. The EPA specified that the protected area could not be disturbed by electric infrastructure more than once without going through a lengthy approval process that would set the project back by months. The host utility company would design an infrastructure plan to fit within the EPA’s parameters, but because the design would be custom, it would be costly.

The solution: Because PEM’s philosophy is to tailor our solutions to the project’s exact needs, our team of specialists worked with the developer to design a custom electric infrastructure map for their community. The map routed their electric infrastructure from the master meter, then around the protected area to the homes, so that it did not disturb the area more times than the EPA allotted. Because we were willing to design the custom map, the developer did not have to go through the lengthy approval process with the EPA, keeping their project on time.

Also, because Pioneer offers infrastructure services with the potential for $0 cost for the developer if the community also contracts Pioneer for meter reading, billing, and collection, they were able to save money on the development as well.

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