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Peace of Mind with Street & Common Area Lighting Maintenance

Street and common area lighting improves curb appeal, tenant satisfaction and property safety. Gain peace of mind knowing that maintenance for your common area lighting is just a phone call away.

Street & Common Area Lighting Maintenance For Current Customers

We're proud to offer street and common area lighting maintenance as a value-add service for our existing customers.

Our Capabilities:
  • Maintenance contract for current customers
  • Place work orders for street & common area lighting issues
  • Expert team analyzes and repairs issues
  • From simple repairs to running new power lines
  • Transition to LED lighting for longevity and cost savings

Who we do this type of work for

Contractors & Developers

Property Managers & Owner Associations

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Why We’re Different

We’re always looking for ways to add value for our customers and street & common area lighting maintenance does just that.


Excellent customer service

Place a work order and we'll place you on the schedule for efficient repairs.


Knowledgeable technicians

We can troubleshoot from the most minor repairs, to major issues.

Start a Conversation

Contact us via email or phone to start a conversation about the utility submetering needs at your property.

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