Types of electric & water billing

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for allocating electric and water costs at your property. At Pioneer Energy Management, we offer two distinct methods of cost allocation for multifamily, housing developments, and commercial and retail. Read more below to understand your options, or contact us to start a conversation about which solution may be best for you.

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Two ways to allocate your electric & water cost

There are two main practices used to calculate how much of your water and electric expense should be allocated to each unit.

RUBS or Ratio Utility Billing

The proportional way to allocate energy costs when individual sub-meters are not installed.

Recovering Electric & Water Costs Without Sub-Meters

Energy providers set up a master meter where the electric and water service enter the community, then bill the community for total energy used. The community then needs to collect payments from residents for their portion of the usage. Without individual sub-meters installed, the industry-accepted formula for cost allocation is Ratio Utility Billing, or RUBS.

The formula takes into account unit size and other variables to allocate cost among residents, regardless of individual usage.

Submetering for Exact Usage Billing

Adding submeters to each unit in your property, be that a multifamily building, retail strip, or housing community, ensures that electric and water expenses are being allocated by the exact usage of each unit.

Individual Submeters for Accuracy and Awareness

Installing individual submeters at your property is the most accurate way to allocate electric and water costs because each meter will display the exact usage of the unit. In addition, individual usage metering creates an awareness among residents about their energy consumption, which can encourage healthier energy habits.

RUBS or Ratio Utility Billing
Submetering for Exact Usage Billing

– Calculating the usage formula that fits the makeup of your property
– Issuing bills to residents via mail or email
– Collecting resident payments, including asset recovery for non-payment of bills
– Customer Support for residents
– Can help you recover losses, and improve the net operating income of your property.

– Installing individual submeters at your property for electric, water, or both
– Reading meters each month
– Sending bills via email and mail to residents
– Collecting resident payments, including asset recovery for past-due payments
– Customer Support for residents
– Can help recover losses from electric and water expense, which increases net operating income.

Who we do this type of work for

Housing Communities and Owner Associations

Property Managers & Owners Associations


  • Full Service – We want to help you with as many processes of billing as possible, so you can focus on the core responsibilities of your business.
  • Years of Experience – With nearly two decades in business, we have provided solutions for hundreds of properties, and are confident that we can find the right fit for you.
  • Customer Support – Allocating the cost of energy expense at your property isn’t just about reading meters and sending bills. We also provide support for your residents when billing and usage questions arise.
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